Twitter Blue Relaunch

Twitter Blue Has Relaunched With A Higher Price On iPhone And Better ID Checks

Getting there..

Twitter has announced that its Twitter Blue subscription has relaunched for $8 USD ($13 AUD) or the higher price of $11 USD (17 AUD) if you’re using an iPhone. The higher price is to offset the 15-30% cut that the Apple Store takes.

Further to this, Twitter has announced that Twitter Blue subscribers will only receive a checkmark next to their name once they have verified their phone number and after their account has been reviewed. This comes after Twitter Blue relaunched last month bringing a blue tick to anyone who subscribed, which caused absolute chaos as random people were able to impersonate random companies and personalities.

Those that subscribe to Twitter Blue and change their username, display name or profile photo will have their account reviewed before this is processed.

Further to this, Twitter has confirmed it will replace the “official” label that was rolled out to combat this will be replaced with a gold checkmark for businesses and a grey checkmark for government accounts (to come later).

Other Twitter Blue perks include the ability to edit Tweets and uploading 1080p videos as well as Reader Mode. It’s also said that Twitter Blue subscribers would see 50% fewer ads, but this is said to be coming later.