Google Pixel Tablet/Fold

Videos Of The Google Pixel Fold And Pixel Tablet Have Appeared Online

Two new products from Google

Just a few weeks out from Google I/O 2023, more leaks are starting to appear with both the unannounced Google Pixel Fold and Google Pixel Tablet both appearing in very different circumstances online, just days after the Google Pixel 7A appeared online as well.

Rumours of the Google Pixel Fold have been circulating for weeks now with renders and a plastic mockup appearing online, but this looks to our most decent look at the device os far, with twitter user @Za-Raczke posting a video of the device folding and unfolding as well as several photos.

There’s no logo, or any clear identifier, but this user is a reliable leaker and has been spot-on with all of his revelations to date.

It’s expected that the Google Pixel Fold will be announced at Google I/O on May 10th and begin shipping in late June. It’s rumoured that one of the highlights of the device will be its battery life which is expected to outperform any other foldable on the market as well as having the most sturdy hinge of any foldable.

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In a video of a whole different kind, the Google Pixel Tablet (which has been previously announced) appeared at a Google event. We got to see the device both on its speaker stand as well as off the stand in a variety of colours including pink, white and a darker grey (which has a black bezel).

You can watch the video below by going to the last slide:

This one is expected to launch on May 10th straight after the event alongside the Google Pixel 7A. Google had previously announced that a brand new Pixel tablet would release in 2023. There’s not a lot of info yet, but it’s thought that this will be a big part of Google’s smart home initiative, with the tablet able to seamlessly dock into a speaker station in order to essentially become a home hub, that is obviously very useable out of the hub.