Project Q

Videos Of The PlayStation Project Q Handheld Have Leaked Revealing More Info About The Device


Sony announced its next handheld, the Project Q, a portable PS5 streaming device earlier this year, and we know that it’s coming out later this year, but outside of a short teaser trailer, we hadn’t seen much of the device.

That all changed earlier tonight with videos and photos of the device leaking showing it running. We now know from the video below that it is indeed running Android, instead of a custom OS, so that reveals one of the big questions that many had about the device.

We also get to see a better look at the device including the grips, the signature PlayStation light and the back of the device which very clearly shows the display attached to the grips.

It’s unclear where the leaks have come from, but it certainly seems as though we should be getting a proper name, price and release date soon, if it’s in a useable state (likely in a factory somewhere).


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We know that the device will have an 8-inch LCD screen that is 1080p and 60Hz. It will have adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, so should mimic the feeling of using a DualSense controller nicely.

It will stream games over Wi-FI from your PS5 console, so it’s definitely not a standalone handheld, or a successor to the Vita, but rather a console that it is designed to be used alongside your PS5 console within the home and potentially outside of it.