Viewsonic X2-4K Projector

Viewsonic’s New X2-4K Projector Is Designed For Xbox


Viewsonic has today announced the X2-4K projector which is apparently the first to be certified for Xbox.

So far, it’s only releasing in the US and will cost $1,599 USD (~$2,333 AUD). Just like other products that have been identified as working perfectly with Xbox, the colours of this projector obviously follow Xbox’s style guide with black and green prominent.

It also went through 63 tests conducted by Xbox to ensure the ultimate console compatibility. It uses the HDMI CEC standard to allow the console to control things like power and volume. It’s also said that it will take advantage of “Xbox exclusive resolution and refresh rate combinations”.

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The projector itself can produce up to a 100-inch display when placed 1.5 metres away from your wall. It offers 2,900 lumens of brightness and has two HDMI ports and Harmon-Kardon speakers inside as well. You can play Xbox games at 4K/60Hz or 1440p/120Hz, and you can also go all the way up to 240Hz if you drop down to 1080p. The input lag is rated at 4.2ms which is pretty great for a speaker.

It’s important to note that all of these features will probably work with the PS5 and other gaming consoles as well. We’ll keep you posted if we get local release information.