Xbox Series X Console Wrap

The Official Xbox Series X Console Wraps Are Coming To Australia And Up For Pre-Order Now

Good news!

UPDATE: Xbox has revealed that Starfield Xbox Series X console wraps are now coming to Australia which will release on November 29th for $75.95. You can pre-order it HERE. 

ORIGINAL STORY: Earlier today we wrote about Xbox’s new console wraps which are a great new initiative to customise your Xbox Series X for upcoming releases such as Starfield without buying a new console.

Unfortunately, Xbox Australia has confirmed on Twitter in a response to us that these will not be coming to Australia, instead only launching in the US, Europe and Canada.

Given they have a release date of October and November, we doubt that this is a shipping or logistics issue and means that it’s unlikely we’ll see them here in the near future, which is definitely a shame.

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Just as a reminder, the Xbox Series X console wraps are made of a fabric that has been perfectly engineered to wrap around your console. The Starfield one has a smooth soft outer design whilst the camo versions have a microfibre design, with the inside being silicon to ensure that it grips to the console.

The covers are kept on with a hook and loop velcro design that allows the wraps to fit snug on the console without needing to go over the top or bottom of the console to restrict airflow.