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You Can Exchange Your Standard Android Backbone One For A PlayStation Edition For Free

This is neat

Backbone recently released the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition for Android, and it’s done something extremely rare for a product manufacturer in announcing a free exchange program for those that have purchased a non-PlayStation edition but want the new one.

The exchange program allows anyone that has purchased a Backbone One – Standard Edition to exchange it for a Backbone One PlayStation Edition. Backbone says that it wants to support any PlayStation user that wants to use their Backbone for Remote Play, in which the PlayStation Edition officially supports.

You’ve only got until June 22nd to make this transaction and you can head here for more information. If you’re wanting to make the trade, you need to do so specifically at this link right HERE. You will need purchase information including proof of purchase.

The Backbone One PlayStation Edition is out now. You can grab it off Amazon for $179 with free shipping right HERE.

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The design of the Backbone One PlayStation Edition is based on the PS5 DualSense controller with the colours, materials and finish all matching the controller, right down to its transparent buttons. It also has the signature PlayStation logo on the back of the controller.

The controller can not only be used for the likes of Remote Play from your PS5, but also for mobile games such as Call Of Duty: Mobile, Genshin Impact and more. There’s also a customised PlayStation experience in the Backbone App, which has things such as information about PlayStation games, and a PlayStation based UI complete with the buttons.