LEGO CRop Circle

A LEGO Themed Crop Circle Has Appeared In Outback NSW

So cool!

LEGO has today revealed that it created a space-themed crop circle in Narromine NSW (just outside of Dubbo).

The design draws inspiration from the iconic LEGO minifigure with the hand forming part of the pattern, but it’s really to draw attention to some research that sheds light on children and space.

LEGO Crop Circle

The study finds that 87% of Australian kids are interested in finding new planets, stars and galaxies (no huge surprise there) as well as 63% of children believing that aliens exist with 59% wanting to meet one.

This is all to shed light on a new Space Generation initiative with Katherine Bennell-Pegg, the first Astronaut trained under the Aussie flag as well as a wider investigation into mysterious crop circles appearing in Narromine, but really it seems to just play on the inquisitive nature of children and space, which I personally love to see.

You can find out more about the initiative HERE.


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