Meta Quest 3

The Meta Quest 3 Has Been Officially Revealed And It’s 40% Slimmer With Full Colour Passthrough

Mixed reality!

UPDATE: The Meta Quest 3 is now available to pre-order ahead of its release on October 10th.

Following the leaks that have started surfacing, Meta has beaten Apple to the punch and lifted the lid on the Meta Quest 3, it’s next headset that is due to release in Spring this year of this year. The Meta Quest 3 will be priced at 829.99 AUD for the 128GB version (other versions will also be available with more storage). You can register for updates on pre-ordering HERE.

The actual unit will be 40% slimmer than the Meta Quest 2 which should make for a much more comfortable headset. The controllers look extremely different, dropping the outer rings and also adding the TruTouch haptics that were found in the Touch pro controllers this year.

Meta Quest 3

The most exciting advancement is the fact that the Meta Quest 3 has dual 4MP RGB colour cameras, meaning that it’ll provide mixed reality experiences. Meta says that it has 10x more pixels in passthrough compared to that of the Meta Quest 2.

Meta Quest 3

As far as performance goes, the headset will combine the highest resolution yet as well as pancake optics to make the visuals look better than ever. It will also be the first headset to feature a Snapdragon chipset that has twice the graphical performance of the Snapdragon GPU found in the Quest 2.

The Quest 3 will be fully backwards compatible with the Quest 2 catalogue of over 500 VR games. Meta has said that more information is coming at Oculus Connect on September 27th.

In other news, the Meta Quest 2 will get a significant price drop down to $299.99 USD (~$457 AUD) for the 128GB version and $349 USD (~$533 AUD) for the 256GB version as of June 4th.

That’s not all though, the Meta Quest 2 will get a performance increase of up to 26% on the CPU side and an up to 19% increase on the GPU side, with Dynamic Resolution Scaling also getting enabled, so games will be able to take advantages of all of these features after an upcoming update hits.