PS5 Pro Enhanced Label

A PS5 Pro Enhanced Label Will Apparently Bring Mandatory 4K/60 FPS and Ray-Tracing To Games


The PS5 Pro leaks haven’t stopped with Insider Gaming once again posting more information about what Sony will require from developers for a game to be stamped with the ‘PS5 Pro Enhanced’ label.

According to documents seen by the outlet, the Enhanced label will apparently include the below enhancements:

  • PSSR to upscale resolution to 4K
  • A constant 60FPS
  • Add or increase ray tracing effects

The document also goes on to say that games may be given the ‘PS5 Pro Enhanced’ label if they do the below:

  • Increased target resolution for titles that run a fixed resolution on the standard console
  • Increased target maximum resolution for titles that run at variable resolution on the standard console
  • Increased target frame rate for titles that target a fixed frame rate on the standard console
  • Inclusion of PS5 Pro Raytracing effects
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This is all possible due to the fact that the PS5 Pro will apparently have 28% faster RAM and a GPU that is 45% faster than the standard PS5.

The PS5 Pro is set to hit shelves later this year, so it won’t be too long before we get more information.