XGIMI 2 Pro Australia

The XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro Is A 1080p Projector With An Even Brighter Output

Big improvements!

XGIMI has announced the MoGo 2 Pro which is a brand new 1080p lightweight projector. The XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro retails at $569 USD (~$870 AUD) and you can find out more info HERE.

The MoGo 2 Pro follows in the foot steps of the super small MoGo Pro projector. It’s now 400 lumens bright (compared to 300 lumens of the previous model), has ISA 2.0 functionality to automatically correct keystone and auto focus, now has a USB-C port for connectivity, runs Android 11 and a louder speaker.

The MoGo 2 Pro isn’t a portable projectors like some of XGIMI’s other projectors, but it does feature powerbank support so that you can carry it around with a powerbank. Their lightweight also extends to them being able to be taken out of the house.

It’s worth mentioning that Netflix still isn’t included, but can be side loaded onto the device using Android 11.