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Twitter Has Made The ‘For You’ Feed Default On iOS Devices And It Absolutely Sucks

Not good.

It’s been a good while since the last time Twitter tried to make an algorithmic feed the made feed on Twitter, but it appears to be heading in that direction again.

In the latest iOS update, Twitter makes the ‘For You’ feed the default one, pulling in tweets in a non chronological order based on those that the algorithm thinks you’re interested in and people that you follow.

Whilst a quick swipe to the right will take you to your normal feed, every time you get out of the app and go back in, it will default back to that ‘For You’ feed, with it not immediately being clear that you could be looking at hours old tweets.

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Twitter had made this change several years ago, but quickly let users pick which their default feed was, but Elon Musk seems very steadfast in keeping it this way.

Another issue in the latest iOS update is that Twitter is once again cropping images previews, which seems to be unintended as Elon Has responded to a Tweet saying that he doesn’t like this change either.