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Zotac Is Releasing An OLED Gaming Handheld Called Zotac Zone


Another player is entering the arena. Not to be outdone by Steam, ASUS, MSI and Lenovo, Zotac, another PC hardware manufacturer has announced that they will announce a gaming handheld at Computex.

Whilst the details are sparce, we know that it will be called Zotac Zone and it will also have a 7-inch, high refresh rate (120hz presumed), touch screen with adjustable triggers, but the big point of difference is that it will have an OLED display.

This would make it the only other PC handheld aside from the Steam Deck OLED to have an OLED display with even the soon to be announced ASUS ROG Ally X opting to stick with an LED display.

Zotac will release more information about the Zotac Zone at Computex 2024, which I will be at, so definitely expect hands-ons from that event, but it’s going to be a big few weeks for handhelds with the ASUS ROG Ally X and a Lenovo Legion Go Lite also set to be revealed.


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