Apple VIsion Pro

Apple Vision Pro Has Been Officially Revealed As Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset


Apple has taken to WWDC to reveal one more thing, Apple Vision Pro which is the company’s brand new AR/VR experience. The headset will launch in early 2024 starting at $3,500 USD (~$5,300 AUD) starting in the US and coming to other countries as the year goes on.

The headset uses lightweight materials, with the front being a singular piece of laminated glass. It has a digital crown and a camera button with a custom aluminium alloy that wraps around your face and focuses on breathability.

Apple Vision Pro

It will come with a seperate battery pack that will ensure that you’re not carrying the weight on your heads, but rather in your pocket as you wear the device. The battery life will last for two hours per charge but you can also plug it in for all-day use.

Vision Pro Battery Pack

The device has more pixels per eye than a 4K television and a 3D spatial audio system for immersive audio.

Apple said that you would use your eyes, hands and voice to control the device which would unlock a new world of computing. Just like PlayStation VR2, it has eye tracking in order to scroll through apps and you then use your hands to go into apps.

Apple VIsion Pro

When you first put on your headset, you are presented with a home view with all of your apps. Apps can be adjusted to any scale with apps being able to be put anywhere within the real world.

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Apple VIsion Pro

Apple confirmed that you’ll be able to use the device in a mode where the screens blends into a real world or be fully immersed in a full virtual space.

A feature called EyeSight will determine whether your eyes are viewable from the outside and will change based on when you’re using an app.

Apple EyeSight

You’ll be able to pull your Mac into Vision Pro at any point and the screen will wirelessly appear in the virtual mode in front of you.

Apple Vision Pro

FaceTime will also be available on the device with people seamlessly coming in and out of the space.

Spacial video and photos is a brand new feature that will bring up 3D videos that feel more realistic than ever. You can capture these via the camera built into the headset.

Spacial Video And Photo Reality Video

As far as movie viewing goes, you’ll be able to put gigantic screens right in front of you with 3D video featuring. An AR example with a dinosaur popping out of the screen was also shown as an example.

Apple Vision Pro

Disney took to the stage to show off interactive worlds that will feature for some of its biggest properties whilst you watch shows such as The Mandalorian with Disney+ that will be available on the device day one.

Apple Vision Pro Disney